Friday, March 14, 2008

Time to Contribute? - MySQL Community Development Program has been updated

MySQL geeks worldwide unite!
I am proud to announce that Georg Richter (our Community Engineering Lead) has updated the MySQL Community Development Program.
The updated program gives explicit suggestions for items you can work on, if you want to help out yourself and/or MySQL in development. 
We have published a list of Development Worklogs (read: design outlines) and Bugs which we are very interested in getting help with. If you let us know your interest in coding one of the items, we can assign a MySQL developer to guide you in your work. 
The intent of this assistance is to help you develop good code for MySQL. We hope this makes your end result function well, and makes it possible to merge your code easily with other MySQL code.
The list has been chosen by taking Worklogs for features we would like to include in the next development release, but for which we can't allocate resources currently. They are also of a suitable difficulty level so that we believe an external contributor can succeed in the implementation. 
The chosen Bugs are of lower priority which we currently can't allocate a developer on, but which we think can be relevant for a fair amount of users. We also regard them to be of lower to intermediate complexity.
We welcome your feedback to the updated program!