Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Workbench 5.0 is GA!

I am very excited about the Workbench 5.0 GA release today, the ultimate Database Modeling Tool for MySQL Developers.

Mike calling to get Workbench GA online.
(about 15 min before Marten's UC keynote starts)

The team has worked extremely hard for the last months, eagerly awaiting this day. Congratulations to Mike Zinner, Alfredo Kojima, Vladimir Kolesnikov, Mike Lischke, Johannes Taxacher, Sergei Tkachenko and Maksym Yehorov for making this happen.

We invite all in the community to try out the product and provide us with feedback.

  • Maybe there is some specific functionality you miss in the product? We invite all our users to enhance the product and build plugins. Guidelines for how easy this is to do, you find on http://dev.mysql.com/workbench/?page_id=10

  • If you want to get access to some time-saving additional features, we offer the Workbench Standard Edition (soon available for a low cost on shop.mysql.com)

Now after the GA release we will first take a moment to celebrate! (and sleep). Thereafter we will start to plan for the next Workbench 5.1 update, which we intend to release still this calendar year. As the planning is still not finalized, we invite your input on what you think we should focus on. Together we can ensure we build the best modeling tool for you.

Post your thoughts and comments for the team in the Workbench forum.

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